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Who We Are?

Carociba is a limited liability company that is incorporated in USA. As its basic business model, Carociba offers renewed shopping experience, tools, and suggestions that help shoppers win and save big. Apart from its easily navigable web platform, Carociba helps shoppers discover, shop and save on the best of the best deals anytime, anywhere using mobile apps.


Company Overview

In its early years, Carociba established itself as an eCommerce platform. Over the years, and with our cumulative experience we felt Carociba could become something more than a marketplace. Having an effective affiliation with thousands of stores and major brands in the global market, Carociba could create a win-win environment for both retailers and shoppers.

Carociba introduces this large segment of consumers to industries such insurance, air travel, etc with over thousands of brands, stores, and services. It helps shoppers to unlock savings hacks, on the go product reviews, and more to help them make better purchase decisions. Apart from its easily navigable web platform, Carociba helps shoppers discover, shop and save on the best of the best deals anytime, anywhere using mobile apps.

Our Believe

Vision and Value

Carociba is more than just an eCommerce company. It’s a member of society that wishes retailers to offer better deals, and through that, help consumers better their quality of life.

Our Goal


To empower every consumer and brand globally to achieve more with less.

Organisation & Management

Carociba Team & Key Personnel

TAYO Obatusin M.D. FAPA.

Chairman & CEO

Dr. Obatusin is an accomplished Addiction Psychiatrist; he graduated from Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia. He later attended Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, where he completed his fellowship program in addiction psychiatry. Due to his multi-talented nature and solid experience in marketing and product development, Dr. Obatusin was inspired to develop ” Markdowntoday.com” – an online marketplace for companies to advertise and sell their products to our members world wide. He believes that world wide people are looking for ways to save money especially during this recession. He is on the Board of Directors of Carociba Inc, as the Chairman and CEO. He is also the CEO of Markdowntoday.com. Markdowntoday.com is committed to community development by supporting less fortunate individuals in our community . Dr Obatusin has a significant interest in addiction and community psychiatry, and this is why our focus is on helping individuals with mental health and substance abuse issues”

OLA Obatusin


Ms. Obatusin obtained her Master’s degree from Georgia State University in Atlanta. Ms. Obatusin has over 30 years of experience in multiple areas ranging from marketing, retail, sales, management, computer processing and human behavioural management. She is the co-founder and President of Carociba Inc. Markdowntoday.com is committed to supporting the children’s miracle network


Vice President

Denise Kraft is the Vice President of Carociba. She attended Wayne State College in Nebraska, where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree, She later attended University of Nebraska at Kearney and obtained her Master’s Degree in Education and Public relations. She is also the head of Carociba marketing team.


Advisory Consultant

Sumon is a recognized business development consultant and helped a dozen of startups to succeed in the US market. He is an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business and holds the MDS from MIST. In his 23 years of career, Sumon has the experience of managing stakeholder expectations globally as he also served in the United Nations HQ, NY and the International Peace Support Center, Geneva.

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