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Carociba is a US-based company that provides a user-friendly web platform and mobile apps for shoppers to discover, shop, and save on deals.


What We Do

Carociba is more than just an eCommerce company. It operates Markdowntoday.com.

What is Markdowntoday.com?

Markdowntoday.com is the deal platform of its parent company Carociba Inc. As the brand name implies, Markdowntoday.com offers renewed shopping experience, tools, and suggestions that help shoppers win and save big. Apart from its easily navigable web platform, Markdowntoday.com helps shoppers discover, shop and save on the best deals anytime, anywhere using mobile apps.

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For Brands and Retailers

For brands and retailers, Carociba and Markdowntoday.com drive organic traffic to their online stores and eCommerce platforms. To the shoppers, Carociba and Markdowntoday.com offer Cash Back for online purchases from stores in the US, Europe, and globally. It guarantees three things to both the brands and the shoppers – an easy and uninterrupted online shopping experience, an interactive product display and selection, and top-notch web platform that is replicated by native iOS and Android mobile applications.


For Shoppers

Shoppers can earn cashback on all their online shopping from Carociba and Markdowntoday.com’s best selection of online brands, stores, and retailers. Carociba and Markdowntoday.com would give shoppers 100% of commissions that we earn for driving organic traffic to every retailer’s online outlet. We intend to achieve this via strong bonds with stores, retailers, and building a relationship of trust with all our stakeholders. We believe that the shoppers have the right to earn all of our commissions since we get the share of promotional spending brands do with us.


Product and Service Lineups

The service and product lines that Carociba and Markdowntoday.com affiliate with include a great variety and choices. More so, there are thousands of brands, stores, and retailers to meet consumer needs from a needle to a car! Carociba and Markdowntoday.com’s key services and product lines encompasses the following.

Competitive Analysis

Why Choose Us?

There are three overarching factors we can use to differentiate our business in the face of competition

Cost Leadership

Carociba has the capacity to maximise profits by offering lower prices than the majority of its competitors.


Carociba also has the scope of offering product or service distinct from the current cost leaders and bank on standing out based on its uniqueness.


Although Carociba is not currently willing to focus on a very specific, or niche, target market but it will do so in the very near future.


What Our Clients Say?

I recommend Carociba to all my friends for the ease of use and the many brands associated with it. Using Carociba is a total no brainer.
Amanda Lee
CEO & Founder Crix
The process is pretty simple and the button lets you know if a store participates in Carociba. I like that I can pick up a little $ using this app on websites I normally shop at.
Adam Cheise
Director at Dynamic
Allowing a payout of less than what I will probably ever earn is a big bonus to me. I appreciate it very much. I will probably do more with Carociba now. Thank you.
Catherine Gilbert
Director at Initech

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